Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise Forum

The Voluntary, Community, and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Forum has been created to unlock the potential of the local VSE Sector in contributing to the social and economic development in the LEP area.

The Forum seeks to achieve this aim by:

  1. Searching out the best examples (exemplars) of innovation and impact of the VCSE sector in relation to the achievement of LEP objectives, particularly in relation to skills development, untapped labour markets and economic growth
  2. Scoping the potential of exemplar approaches to be ‘bottled’ and ‘shared’ within the VCSE sector itself so that LEP objectives can be more effectively achieved by the sector
  3. Scoping the potential of exemplar approaches to be shared with other sectors in the LEP area and with the LEP Board to help support other sectors to achieve LEP objectives
  4. Working with key VCSE sector leaders to devise some new innovative, and replicable, ways for the VCSE sector to meet LEP objectives.
  5. Providing sector insight into the development of the European Structural and Investment Fund Strategy and Strategic Economic Plan.

The group, led by LEP Board Member Claire Higgins, are in the process of creating a strategy for the VCSE sector to help guide their work in the future.

LEP Prize Challenge: Projects supported to date

The LEP Prize Challenge Fund worth up to £1 million is well underway, you can find out more about the scheme here and read about the first round winners here.

You can find out more about the Round Two winners here.