Science Innovation and Industry Council

The Role of the Council

The Council will make formal recommendations to the LEP Board on opportunities for enhancing business growth and innovation, acting as the leading authority within the LEP in this field. It will be responsible for the development of a Science, Innovation & Industry Strategy, to guide the commissioning of LEP activities. It will also play a role in policy advice.

The members of the Council will include experienced individuals drawn from the LEP’s key sectors leaders, leaders of business networks, local authority staff and the LEP’s Head of Innovation,

The Council will meet twice a year, with project champions being sought and/or working groups being tasked as is appropriate to current needs / opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

Objectives of the Council

It is proposed that the Objectives of the Council will be to:

  • Provide leadership within the LEP in the field of innovation, developing a strategic framework for the activity
  • Promote industry and business within the LEP at national and international level, identifying opportunities to promote growth
  • Identify barriers to growth, innovation and the commercial exploitation of ideas and seek to overcome these, working with partner LEPs or others as necessary in this regard
  • Provide a policy framework to enable the LEP to commission activities to support innovation and to guide private and public partnerships to enhance business performance and generate growth
  • Monitor industry and business performance in comparison with selected competitors, to underpin policy development
  • Determine mechanisms to achieve enhanced competitiveness of local companies irrespective of size and maturity by improved collaboration and clustering

In meeting these objectives, the Council will report regularly to the GCGP LEP Board. Annually, it will propose a work-plan for the following year identifying specific short-term actions with clear outputs and benefits.

Science Innovation and Industry Council (SIIC) Terms of Reference

The Council will provide leadership in the field of Innovation within the LEP. In particular, it will give priority to the following activities:

  • The development of a Science, Innovation and Industry Strategy for the GCGP LEP.
  • The development of an expert knowledge base within the LEP and tracking on local economic performance.
  • The identification of key activities for encouraging growth, which deserve LEP endorsement, for example, by direct commissioning or promotion as LEP endorsed activities.
  • The provision of advice on related GCGP LEP activities concerning Infrastructure and Skills from an innovation perspective.
  • The promotion of the LEP area’s businesses to major national and international bodies concerned with the innovation agenda. In particular, leveraging the status and special role that the UK Government has given to LEPs.

The Council forms working groups to support specific activities, click here for an example.