LEP Apprenticeship strategy

Apprenticeships are vitally important to training the next generation of skilled employees. They are genuinely business led in sectors that are vibrant and growing.

We want our young people to aspire to an apprenticeship route to careers in the same way they would aspire to take a university degree.

Apprenticeships are a key element, and have a symbiotic fit with our overall skills strategy:

  • Raise aspirations – We want our young people to be aware of the apprenticeship opportunities available in their local area and aspire to them;
  • Change opinions – Our businesses need to see apprenticeships as part of their business model.
    Skilled employees can drive growth, and apprentices can help to create the skilled workforce of the future;
  • Ready to respond – Although apprenticeships are business-led, it is important that we gather the right information to allow the training sector to be prepared for demand.

To read the LEP’s full Apprenticeship strategy click here.

Back 2 The Floor Back2theFloor_COL_EMBLEM

For the second year running, the LEP has ran ‘Back 2 The Floor’ for National Apprenticeship Week.

Back 2 the Floor is a campaign to emphasise the importance of apprenticeships to local growth and encourage more businesses in the area to offer them.

Mark Cooper at Rutland Plastics.

We challenged local businesses and colleges to join us in going ‘Back 2 the Floor’ in their own organisation, or by trying out a different career path. A range of local business people, educators, and Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough LEP Board and executive team members went Back 2 the Floor as part of National Apprenticeship Week to gain first-hand experience of an apprenticeship.

Funding for apprenticeships

There are a range of funding schemes available to businesses looking to hire an apprentice.

The Government funds a number of grants schemes that help businesses access funding to train young people as apprentices, including the AGE 16-24 programme and Youth Contract which both help 16-24 year olds gain valuable work experience.

To find out more about apprenticeship funding opportunities, visit the Skills Funding Agency’s website: