ESI Funds Committee

GCGP European Structural and Investment (ESI) Funds Sub-Committee

As a part of the governance requirements for ESI Funds, a Sub-Committee was constituted to help:

  • identify a pipeline of projects that meet local needs;
  • develop, in conjunction with the Managing Authorities, Annual Implementation Plans to focus delivery and performance;
  • publicise and promote the opportunities that the funds provide for economic growth;
  • discuss with the Managing Authorities the breadth, scope and timing of funding calls required in each local area;
  • contribute local expertise to the Managing Authorities’ selection and prioritisation of projects;
  • manage the performance of the local delivery elements of the national Opt-In offers; and
  • monitor the progress of ESIF implementation against the milestones and results agreed in their ESI Funds Strategy.

Details of your local ESI Funds Sub-Committee, including membership, can be found here.

You can find links to our Terms of Reference and ESIF Meeting minutes here.