LEP Update

The Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough LEP has been working hard to support economic growth across its area since 2010. In that time the local area has continued to grow and change, including the successful negotiation of a Devolution Deal for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough and election of a Mayor in 2017. This changing environment has created the opportunity to develop a fresh approach to economic growth.

Whilst it is business as usual at the LEP with the team working on all of the same projects and priorities as before, there will be some changes made to the structural arrangements of the organisation moving forward.

As of 1st April 2018, a new LEP will be created. Founded on the same geographic space as before, but directly linked into the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority to create a more effective model where businesses and the public sector work in partnership for the good of the region.

The LEP will be led by a new Business Board, comprising representatives from key business sectors, the public sector and education community, and led by a business Chair. A Shadow Board, led in the interim period by Cllr Charles Roberts (Deputy Mayor of the Combined Authority), is now in place and will manage the successful transition towards a fully formed Board later this year.

This is a fresh start for the LEP and an exciting opportunity to create a new organisation committed to the growth of the local area that works in perfect alignment with the Combined Authority to make a significant, positive impact on the area.

The LEP will continue to cover the same area as it does today – Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, West Suffolk, West Norfolk, Uttlesford (Essex), North Hertfordshire, Rutland, South Holland and South Kesteven – and will be run by Martin Whiteley, the shared Chief Executive of the LEP and the Combined Authority.

Current members of the LEP team will move across to the new organisation, and whilst the existing LEP will be wound up, all current LEP projects and contracts will also be transferred across to the new organisation.

The team is working closely with Government to enable a smooth transition process as we transfer the business across to the new organisation, and the funding that was previously on hold has now been approved and released by Government to allow business as normal to continue.

We will keep you updated via www.gcgp.co.uk, but if you require further information please contact David Edwards on 01480 277180 or via info@gcgp.co.uk.