Mood Foods gets the golden ticket for new chocolate factory

An innovative chocolate producer based in South Cambridgeshire is set to scale up business thanks to a £105,683 Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative grant from the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough LEP.

Mood Foods Ltd has developed a method of producing chocolate that preserves more of the health benefits of the cacao beans than traditional roasting. The product is often termed ‘raw chocolate’ and generally sold in stores aimed at the health conscious.

09/12/13 Ombar - they make organic chocolate - founder Richard Turner for Cambs Biz mag . Picture: David Johnson

With increased consumer demand for healthy snacks, large mainstream retailers are now considering raw chocolate products. Mood Foods’ products have already established popularity in the Netherlands, with the products selling well in the largest supermarket chain in the country, as well as large health food chains and independent stores across the UK, Germany and France. Mood Foods has ambitions to be the supplier of choice for major stores seeking to stock raw chocolate products.

To meet this demand and remain competitive, Mood Foods needs to scale up its business. This means moving to – and fitting out – new, larger premises. This new space will allow a significant increase in production capacity, with greater focus on new product development and growing the commercial team. The £105,638 grant from the LEP will also safeguard 14 jobs.

The increased production capacity will allow Mood Foods to get its chocolate, sold under the brand name Ombar, into supermarkets in the UK with the confidence that it can meet delivery times and stock rotation requirements.

Mark Reeve, Chairman of the Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative Board and Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership, said:

“Mood Foods already has a strong reputation in the health food industry, and this grant will give its plans for growth a well-needed boost at a time when there is growing demand for their products. It is always important to ensure the protection of jobs in our area, so I am pleased to see that this funding will safeguard 14 jobs and allow the company the potential to further grow its commercial team.”

Richard Turner, Director at Mood Foods Ltd, said:

09/12/13 Ombar - they make organic chocolate - founder Richard Turner for Cambs Biz mag . Picture: David Johnson

Richard Turner – Founder of Mood Foods. Picture: David Johnson

“As a small company making a big leap forwards, resources are stretched to the maximum. We’re in a high-growth phase with tremendous opportunities ahead of us. The Agri-Tech Growth Initiative grant is perfect for us and we’re absolutely delighted to secure the funding. Along with our own contribution this is going to make a massive difference to being able to complete the expansion project. On completion of the project, Mood Foods will be in a strong position to drive the business forward and realise its potential.”

The Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative is run by the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership (LEP) with support from New Anglia LEP, Norfolk County Council, Cambridgeshire County Council, and the local authorities covering this area.

Grants are available to organisations looking to invest in specialist equipment, new market and supply chain development, ways to improve productivity and efficiency, and the application and commercialisation of Research and Development.

To find out how the Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative could help to grow your business, visit or call the LEP on 01480 277180.