East of England Science and Innovation Audit Surveys

Science and Innovation related companies across the East are being asked to share their views to help shape the future of funding for the sector.

Science & Innovation Audits are, in essence, a ‘deep dive’ survey of cutting-edge innovation taking place in industry and the public sector, and are being conducted to better inform central Government of regional strengths for potential future funding streams, and to assist with foreign direct investment.

In the East of England, the Science and Innovation Audit (SIA) is being delivered by local partners and is structured across four themes: Life Sciences; Agri-Tech; Advanced Manufacturing and Materials; and ICT.

Each of the themes has a designated Theme Lead (and one or more Sub-Leads), who is responsible for their approach to evidence gathering. In all cases, these involve a review of secondary data and evidence and some combination of stakeholder and/or business engagement. To help support this work, all four themes have opted to launch surveys as part of their wider evidence gathering processes.

For Life Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, the surveys are focused on small businesses across the East of England and their aim, fundamentally, is to understand the ways in which those businesses are operating within the wider innovation ecosystem.

For the ICT and Agri-Tech themes, the surveys are more broadly based. Their purpose is to look at the theme in the round and to gather expert insights into region-wide assets, opportunities and potentials.

Steven Wilson, Head of Innovation at the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough LEP, explains:

“These surveys are critically important for gathering a wide range of industry insights into all of our four themes. We would encourage as many businesses in those themes as possible to get involved and complete the surveys before 21st April to help Government better understand our regional strengths to enable them to better tailor potential funding streams in the future.”

Businesses can take part in the surveys by clicking on the following links:

All responses must be submitted by 21st April 2017, with the final SIA being submitted to Government in the summer.