Powered by Insects: Funding for new food waste solution

A Cambridgeshire business has been awarded £60,000 to address the issue of food waste by harnessing the power of insects.

Entomics Biosystems Ltd plan to convert food waste into three sustainable fuels for plants, animals and vehicles and most importantly, reduce the amount of the food which is going into landfills.

To achieve this Entomics will use insects. Specifically, the Black Soldier Fly, which has the ability to efficiently convert organic waste into fats and proteins inside their bodies. These compounds can then be refined into three high value products – animal feed, biodiesel and organic fertiliser – in a cheap, scalable and sustainable process.

Agri-Tech_Logo_FinalThe project will offer an innovative alternative to current food waste disposal methods, which can be expensive, carbon-intensive and convert waste into substances with limited commercial value.

Entomics will use the funding from the Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative’s Research and Development Fund to refine their prototype, conduct product testing and carry out research on the effectiveness of the Black Soldier Fly as a viable solution to food waste.

Matt McLaren, Chief Executive Officer of Entomics Biosystems Ltd, said:

“We are extremely excited about partnering with the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership’s Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative.

“They have an outstanding record of supporting innovation in the agricultural sector, and are passionate about helping early-stage companies develop new products and processes.

“This grant will assist Entomics in developing our prototype for transforming food waste into sustainable fuels for plants, animals and vehicles”.

Mark Reeve, Chairman of the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership (LEP), commented:

“The Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative is making a real difference to local businesses, in particular those at the cutting edge of research and development. This funding will enable Entomics Ltd to further develop an innovative solution for dealing with food waste, which is both cost-effective and more sustainable than current methods of waste disposal. I am pleased to be able to provide Entomics with funding to progress their research and development work and look forward to see how the business grows in the future.”

The Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative is run by the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership (LEP) with support from New Anglia LEP, Norfolk County Council, Cambridgeshire County Council, and the local authorities covering this area.

Grants are available to organisations looking to invest in specialist equipment, new market and supply chain development, ways to improve productivity and efficiency, and the application and commercialisation of Research and Development.

To find out how the Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative could help to grow your business, visit www.agritechgrants.co.uk or call the LEP on 01480 277180.